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Qualities That Are Present in a Good Lawyer

Lawyers are not only important for companies and organizations, but they are equally important for individuals who are in complex and difficult legal situations. If you want to come out of a legal problem in a successful manner, the first thing that you should do is to hire a competent lawyer. People who are unable […]

4 Unique Benefits of Becoming a Lawyer

Choosing to become a lawyer will set you on a path filled with many hard challenges, hurdles and difficulties to get over. Studying the law takes a lot of time, effort and dedication as practicing it places you in a position with a lot of responsibilities and obligations you have to fulfil. This daunting aspect […]

Benefits Of Mediation In Family Law

Even the prominent lawyer, Jeremy Schulman, understands that the hardest case to resolve is anything related to the family. It is not easy to handle because strong emotions are also involved when family members are in court, fighting against each other.  Before anything escalates to court, mediation should be considered. Mediation is the first attempt to […]

Rights Of Employees, Every Employee Should Know

Jeremy Schulman knows the importance of employees to businesses, hence, as a litigation lawyer, he makes sure that as much as possible, all employees will receive what is right and due for them. As an employee, do you know your rights?  Employees must enjoy and receive all the privileges meant for them as stated by the […]

Top Five Mistakes Made While Hiring Lawyers

You might have heard many people complaining about the legal attorneys and the way they treat them. This happens because people do not take care of certain things which are important to know while dealing with lawyers. Finding a good lawyer is an arduous process, but if you have found a good attorney for your […]

Four Things to Consider Before you Hire a Lawyer

You should stay cautious and should know the basic things which you are hiring the lawyer. Legal matters are overly complicated, and if you are dealing with any, you should put yourself in a comfortable position by hiring one of the best lawyers in town. Finding a good lawyer is never an easy task, and […]