Questions To Ask Before Hiring a Commercial Litigation Lawyer


Planning to hire a commercial litigation lawyer like Jeremy Wyeth Schulman? If so, one of the things you have to do in order to spot the best one is to ask them questions relevant to the service they provide.

Some are not as confident about asking questions as they feel that if they ask questions, they will look ignorant or they would make the lawyer feel insulted. But if you come to think of it, asking questions is your only way to make sure that the lawyer you will hire is the best one there is.

Just to help you in formulating the right questions, you can start with the following:

How long the case and litigation may take?

Asking how long the case may take is a good idea. Of course, the lawyer cannot provide you with a definite time and date but their expertise and experience can somehow give them an idea how long this kind of litigation usually takes.

A rough estimate, at least the number of months for this case to finish should be good enough. This can help you in setting your expectations.

What are my chances of winning the case?

After they have read your case, they should have an idea about your chances of winning. They should be able to assess whether or not your case is strong or the result will be in favor of you or the other party.

If the lawyer claims that he can make you win even without checking on data, files or information about the case, then do not hire him as for sure, he is just there to make you expect without assurance or basis.

Who will work with you while handling the case?

For sure, the lawyer won’t be working on the case on his own. Asking who will work with him is also a good idea. If possible, it would be better if you can speak with everyone that will be involved in the case.

In your absence, who will handle my case?

Your expectations are for the lawyer to be there every step of the way, but there are things that may occur unexpectedly. Who will attend the hearing in their absence? How will the continuity of the case be handled?

As much as possible, you want the transition to be smooth or else, loopholes about the case may occur, and that could possibly lead to you losing the case. Although the lawyer commits to be there 100%, you want to have an action plan in case things happen unexpectedly.

What is your payment requirement?

How does the lawyer want to be paid? Can you pay them after winning the case? Can you  issue a post dated check? All these you need to know so you can be prepared financially. You may also want to try negotiating for their professional fees.

Needless to say, if the lawyer is known in the industry, they may charge more expensively than other lawyers.

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