Common Reasons of Commercial Litigation


Getting into a commercial litigation case is complex, hence, hiring a good lawyer like Jeremy Wyeth Schulman is a must. The lawyer can guarantee you that whatever the result you can get is fair.

There are many reasons why businesses or individuals could possibly get into a commercial litigation case, and to name some of these instances, read the following:

Breach of contract

This is one of the reasons why companies file a case against another company or their employees. With this, it is important that you read the contract very well before signing any contract or agreement.

Breach of contract may be intentional or unintentional, but needless to say, this instance can be a big issue that may lead to incarceration or a huge fine.

As someone who is working with a contract, they need to make sure that they are revisiting their contract from time to time to avoid breaching it.

For big contracts, it is strongly recommended that you hire a lawyer to check on the contract before finally signing it.  

IP (Intellectual Property) Infringement

Your brand, your logo should stay with you, it should not be used or copied in any way. If your logo was used or copied by a different company, filing a case against them is a must. Sure, your business can be dragged if it was used wrongfully by any company, hence, it is only right that you protect your assets and reputation at all cost.

As someone who is planning to launch their business, he/she needs to be aware about IP as if you do not give huge attention to it, there is a chance that you might end up in court, in jail, pay fine or your business to be forcefully closed.

Know your rights and at the same time, know the rule in terms of IP and patent to avoid getting into serious trouble.

Employment Issues

Does the employee breach the business security? Does the company mistreat an employee? Employment issues may happen to any business, although some issues are best to be discussed in a closed door meeting between the HR team and the employee/s involved, there are instances that filing a case or appeal on the court is the best solution to fix the issue.

Speaking to your immediate supervisor or the HR personnel is the best way to resolve employment issues. But needless to say, if you think that the issue is so serious that no one in the office can handle it, you can hire a lawyer and file a case against your employer, and the same goes with the employer if they find a serious case to file against their employee.  

Professional Negligence

As a professional, you have a responsibility to do for the company you are working with. If you failed to do it, and if the offense is very serious to ignore, there is a chance that the company will file against you. If the result of the case favors the employer, license of the professional can be revoked, the professional can be incarcerated or the professional will be fined. 

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