How Social Media Plays In The Implementation Of The Law


Jeremy SchulmanChairman of the Firm’s Commercial Litigation and Arbitration Group, knows how powerful social media is in terms of the implementation of the law. Social media is a huge platform for people to do things more easily and conveniently. They use social media to socialize, to reconnect with their loved ones anywhere they are, and so on. But you might be thinking, about how social media can help in the implementation of the law. 

The internet, particularly social media, knows no boundaries. Social media is now playing a huge role in terms of the implementation of the law. If up until now you do not know how it happens, read below:

  • People become more confident in fighting for their rights

Social media gives people the confidence to fight with what they think is right and just. They are getting sympathy and help from people on social media, they are using this platform to make the world aware of what they are going through. Before they are threatened because they know that it is them against the world, now, it is different, as they are using their social media account as their diary to log everything, including their complaints against their company, their family members, and so on. This also helps them to gather the information they need to know about their case, as there are a lot of people on social media who love to share their two cents. 

  • Laws and regulations are more visible

Some government offices use social media to post new policies they need to implement. With this, anyone who wants to go back to the policy being implemented can do so in an easier manner. 

It is highly visible and can be accessed anytime, and anywhere you are. These social media platforms are available to be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week hence expect that there are no limitations when accessing the laws and regulations being implemented by a particular government body. 

  • Filing a complaint becomes easier

Government bodies have their own social media account, with this, people can easily file a complaint, may it be for wrong labor practices, family law, or the like. Some will just take for granted filing complaints because it is truly time-consuming, but since it is accessible already, people won’t think twice about fighting for what they think is right. 

The availability of social media allows everyone to file a complaint against their employer, neighbor, or someone else, in the most convenient and secured manner possible. 

  • Faster dissemination of new laws and regulations

Almost everyone has their own social media account, with this, except that when a new law is implemented, the government body just needs to post it on different social media platforms to be disseminated. 

It requires less work for the government employee, at the same time, the message will be delivered to all parties in the fastest manner possible. This indeed puts everyone in a win-to-win situation.  

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