What Skills Should a Lawyer Have Before I Hire Them?


For one reasons or the other, you or your business might find yourselves in court for a hearing process. Regardless of whether you are the accused or accuser, having a great attorney will play out great to your interests. Most people and businesses are never familiar with different court processes and it is upon their lawyers to guide them to victory in their case. Jeremy Schulman advises clients to therefore be keen about the hiring process to boost your chances of success. These are the must-have skills to look for in your lawyer before determining the right one to hire for your personal or business needs.

Negotiation skills

In most cases, lawyers are needed for arguing a case out in front of the judge or jury besides other out of court related tasks like contract drafting. The type of lawyer you settle for has to possess excellent negotiation skills to save you from the diverse challenges that may come up in court. They are highly trained to be effective negotiators however you can always tell a timid lawyer from a confident one during your scrutiny process.

Detailed and consistent communication

Though underrated, communication is one of the most vital skills to check for in your attorney of choice. They should be great talkers and also great listeners who can pay attention to your needs before devising the correct approach to be followed. Most lawyers are good in communication and have different platform where they can keep their clients updated of any useful information they stumble upon to help their case. Regular communication is besides necessary when your lawyer is representing you in absentee in court. Set up a face to face meeting to scrutinize their people skill and then trust your gut in whatever decision you choose to make.

Ethics in professional associations

Since it is a professional relationship you will be developing with the lawyer, you need to be certain that they know how uphold professional standards in your association. Ethics training is a very important stage for any professional today as it helps them deal with different situations that come up in the association. You must prioritize choosing a lawyer that understands the importance of ethics in legal profession and how the same can be upheld. An unethical lawyer cannot be counted upon when it comes to serious issues where trust is most vital.

Contract drafting

For most businesses and even marriages that involve prenuptial contracts, a lawyer might come in handy. This is because of the contracts involved tying two or more ends of an agreement to the contract. The lawyer of your choice must therefore be great in corporate issues regarding contracts preparation. They ensure that the contracts are drafted in accordance to the terms and conditions of the law ensuring no breach can be done lest the contract is used as evidence in court of law.

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