Things to Consider While Looking for a Corporate Law Firm


Dealing with corporate litigations and issues is tricky, and only professionals like Jeremy Schulman can manage. It will help if you consider the following things while selecting a law firm to take up your case.

Reviews and reputation

Before choosing an attorney to deal with your corporate issues, you should ensure that the firm or the individual is serving with excellence for most businesses. If the firm’s history with business cases is not good, you can sense a negative reputation waving in your circle. You can also see such negative reviews on various law blogs and forums online. If you have friends or well-wishers in your business circle, they may share such reviews too. You should stay away from such firms. Your focus should be on those firms or individuals with a better reputation and positive reviews.

Experience in the legal field

You should also look for the total number of years the law company has been serving in the niche. For instance, if a law firm is ten years old, you can expect them to have completed about twenty cases at the least. As all these cases would have been different in many ways, the firm will have diversified knowledge of business issues. However, you cannot expect this much expertise from a newbie law firm. Therefore, if your case is serious and you wish to have a hundred percent success, it is advisable to find an experienced law firm without even considering the expenses.


Law firms will work in different areas, and it is necessary to choose a lawyer who is an expert in the type of your case. In this case, you should always go for corporate lawyers or business litigation experts and not someone like a criminal or injury attorney. So, knowing the specialty of the attorney is necessary.

Past and current clients

Let us assume that you are about to sue a third party with whom you currently have a contract. If the attorney also has a relationship with this third party, you cannot expect a case that goes your way. So, it is necessary to check whether the attorney has been or is associated with your opposite party. You should avoid such law firms and should go with another firm that will stay loyal only to you in this case.

Style and approach

Not all attorneys would work in the same way. They may have their unique approaches to deal with the case. However, such an approach may not work for you or your case. In such a case, it is better not to work with them. So, you should know the approach or style of the law firm beforehand.


Sometimes, you will get shocked to see the fee asked by the attorney for your case. To avoid such shocks, it is advisable to be aware of the fee structure before beginning the case.


You should choose an attorney with whom you are comfortable discussing your case.

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