Signs of a Bad Commercial Attorney Firm


Almost everybody knows that attorneys play a major role in the functioning of a proper business entity. So, almost all beginner business owners are seeking the help of one attorney firm. As the demand is high, the number of such firms is also increasing at an alarming rate. You should not be happy if you easily get an attorney for your business activities. Sometimes, you may end up with a bad attorney firm that will not have enough knowledge or efficiency in their work. If so, the hiring will go useless, and your business will end up in legal trouble. As it is a matter of proper growth of the business, you should be careful while hiring a commercial attorney firm. It is always better to stick with proven attorney firms like that of Jeremy Schulman. The following are some of the warning signs that could help you avoid a bad commercial attorney.


The first sign of a bad attorney is their unresponsiveness. It is the ignorance of calls and emails from your end. Most companies complain about their attorneys that they do not care about the phone calls when needed. There could be various reasons for their responsive behavior. Either they will be busy with other cases or they will not be interested in your cases. Sometimes, a fake attorney will also avoid calls to showcase himself as busy. Whatever the reason is, you should stay away from attorneys who are unresponsive.

Lack of knowledge

If you are approaching an attorney to know the legal formalities necessary to do a particular task, he should be capable of explaining all the stuff. However, you should get alerted if the attorney cannot explain them properly. They may postpone answering your queries or may suggest obvious wrong ideas. Some attorneys will not even know the latest happenings in the commercial space. In such cases, you should understand that the attorney is inefficient and should back off.

Deadline misses

You are hiring an attorney to take care of legal activities like court filings. As you do not have enough time to do all these things, you are hiring them. However, they may miss these deadlines at times. A single miss of a deadline with the court can lead you to unwanted issues. So, you should avoid attorneys who are lazy and miss many deadlines.

Unfriendly attitude

A lawyer is someone who works personally in official matters. You cannot work with an unfriendly attorney who always shows disgusting attitudes towards your business. Such professionals may even bring some issues to your entity. So, you should consider this poor attitude as a warning sign from a bad attorney.

Instant and high fee

Some fake attorneys will focus on extracting as much money as they can. So, these people will not leave you in peace and will constantly ask for instant and high fees. They will be asking even before doing the job. It is also a bad sign.

Negative reviews

Attorneys having many negative reviews online is an obvious bad sign.

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