Rights Of Employees, Every Employee Should Know


Jeremy Schulman knows the importance of employees to businesses, hence, as a litigation lawyer, he makes sure that as much as possible, all employees will receive what is right and due for them. As an employee, do you know your rights? 

Employees must enjoy and receive all the privileges meant for them as stated by the law. If you are an employee and still lost on the rights due to you, read this article. 

What Are Your Rights As An Employee

So, what are your rights as an employee? Read below:

Privacy Rights

As an employee, it is your right to keep private things private. Your purses, storage lockers, briefcases, and the like are considered private. However, your employer has the right to monitor and visit your internet and phone usage at work. Although you can enjoy privacy on your phone, emails sent from and to your company address are not. 

Your employer also has the right to track the sites you visit during working hours. Legally, companies block some sites they think can cause harm or risk to their business security and welfare. 


Employers are not in any way allowed to discriminate or harass not just their employees but also their applicants. Everyone should be given a fair share of opportunity in terms of promotion and hiring, and no one should be fired because of their gender, race, religion, national origin, sex, color, age, etc. 

There are now laws being implemented to avoid discrimination, but unfortunately, even laws are already in place, reinforcement is still challenging and hard to do. 

Safe Workplace

It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure the safety and security of their employees while in the workplace. All hazards must be removed, and all safety essentials are available when needed, including CCTV, fire extinguishers, and the like. Training should be provided to employees to ensure they know what to do when a calamity comes. 


Employees have the right to file a complaint if their employers are consistently violating the rights of their employees. These whistleblowers will be protected by federal law, hence, employees should not fear fighting against their employer, especially if they know they are right. 

Overtime wages

Eligible employees must receive overtime wages, which is most of the time 1 and half of their hourly regular pay. For instance, you are earning $20 per hour, your hourly rate for overtime should be $30. 

Go back to your contract and make sure that over time you rendered are paid. 

Fair Pay

It is a must that an employee receives a salary just and right for the work he or she exerted. There is also a minimum wage set by The Fair Labor Standards Act, and companies should comply with that. 

Make sure that you are getting everything you deserve as an employee. If you are not sure whether or not you are getting what is right for you, you can speak to a lawyer to ask. 

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