Questions to Ask Your Attorney While Approaching for a Corporate Issue


If you are approaching a reputed commercial attorney like Jeremy Schulman for your corporate disputes, you should ask the following questions to take action according to the situation.

What are all the rights you have currently concerning the case?

The first question to your attorney should be about your rights in your case. You have approached the attorney because of a dispute in any contract with a third party or your customer. So, there must be any wrongdoing or misunderstanding between you two parties. Hence, you will have some rights to claim and proceed with the case. For instance, if someone is not paying you the money for their purchase according to the contract, your attorney will highlight your right to place an interest for the delayed period. Likewise, all commercial disputes will have some rights for both parties. If you are unaware of these rights, you should only ask your attorney. You should ensure that the attorney knows everything about this particular dispute.

Will I be able to claim anything?

Not all disputes will leave you with money or other benefits. Some cases will end with simple conclusions that may end the dispute but not provide any party with any materialistic benefit. Before expecting anything from the case, it is advisable to ask the lawyer about the possible outcomes of the case. That way, you will be realistic when setting your expectations. So, asking this question is important.

What will be the obligations on my side in this case?

You will not only have the right to claim certain things, but you will have certain obligations too to meet. For instance, if you have not cleared any dues according to the contract but are filing a suit against the opposite party on any other aspect, you should first clear these dues to be free of issues on your end. These are termed obligations. So, you should ask your attorney about such obligations and clear them beforehand to have a positive result in the case.

What are the various risks on my end?

It is not always that you are the one who has suffered by the wrongdoing of the other party; many times, it can be you who has done wrong. In such a situation, filing a case could backfire in most cases. So, you should be aware of the risks involved in losing the case. Knowing this before will help you decide whether to proceed with the case or find an alternative settlement with the opposite party. If the risks are high at your end, it is not a great idea to run the case and pay a hefty compensation unnecessarily. Your attorney will guide you if there are too many risks in filing the case.

Is it the only option?

Another question is whether taking legal action and suing the opposite party is the only option to settle the dispute. If there are any easy alternatives, you can consider them instead.

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