Necessary Qualities for a Commercial Attorney


Running a business is not an easy task. You can see many people who have tons of money ruining their businesses themselves. Talent and financial background could help you to an extent in business. However, you will face a series of litigation issues in the meanwhile. You may be dealing with contracts and partners. Sometimes, there could be some issues related to these dealings. You may mistakenly breach any law in association with your field of business. In all such cases, you will need an attorney who specializes in business laws. You should not confuse that attorney will be needed only during issues. Even you may need them to execute some activities legally also. If you end up with a qualified attorney like Jeremy Schulman, you can succeed without any issues in your business. In this article, we are about to discuss a few qualities of a commercial attorney to look for while hiring.


You can never call anyone a better lawyer if he or she could not even speak well. Communication is a vital quality for every attorney. In the business arena, communication plays a huge role as you may have to deal with clients and partners from various parts of the world. Also, better communication will help you to transfer your requirements to the attorney and understand his input. So, you should look for this quality in your attorney. It is also better to hire someone well-versed in multiple languages.


It is of no use to work with an attorney if he is not efficient in law. You are hiring them to help you with business laws, and you will never love working with a professional who could not predict the legal issues. So, you should test the knowledge of the attorney in commercial business law.

Ethical standards

Your attorney must be ethically right. As your primary motto will be to avoid wrong business moves, an ethical person alone can guide you. You can easily identify the ethical standards of the lawyer with a few conversations.


Let us assume that your business attorney will not even answer your calls or reply to your emails. Will that relationship works in any way? You should check whether the attorney is responsible. You cannot assume that all law graduates will be responsible. So, it is better to be careful while choosing one.

Negotiation skills

Your attorney will not only help during legal issues but will also come in handy during negotiations. Your deals can be reduced in your favor if your attorney is a great negotiator. Else, it will not make a difference of having one with you. So, checking the negotiation skills is necessary.


As an attorney is about to help your business, it is an added advantage if he has multiple contacts. An attorney in your niche with tons of contacts can bring in many opportunities. It will also help get references for a few situations. A highly-experienced attorney will have such contacts to help you.

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