Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Disputes


If you are into a business, you will face many challenges and issues. As you would mostly deal with other parties through contracts and settlements, you may be the victim of various wrongdoings. These situations may also hurt your business financially. In such a case, it is necessary to find a solution to the dispute. If you have received any damages, you can file a case against the opposite party to claim compensation from them. However, you should be careful as any wrongdoings on your end may result in you paying the compensation.

If you have decided to file a lawsuit, you should focus on selecting the best commercial dispute attorney out there, like Jeremy Schulman. You need not worry about high charges if you want to have the upper hand in the case. However, the following frequently asked questions about commercial disputes and relationships with attorneys can be helpful to you.

What are the various occasions when I could file a commercial dispute case?

Your business issues are worthy for a commercial dispute case if you are in any of the following scenarios.

  • Disputes related to intellectual property breaches
  • Breach of contracts made between two parties
  • Issues or breach of policies by employees and employers
  • Issues with your shareholders on business decisions and actions
  • Issues related to a property or real estate
  • Wrongdoings of insurance companies

If you do not know whether you can file a lawsuit for your business situation, you can consult with any commercial dispute attorney to get an idea.

Why is it better to find a reputed commercial dispute lawyer for your case?

You cannot lead your case all by yourself. So, it is better to have a commercial attorney by your side. The following are some of the reasons to do so.

  • They will know various possible disputes in a business and the right approach to solve them.
  • They can warn you about the risks involved in a case.
  • They will stop you from filing a lawsuit if the risks are more on your side.
  • They will show the best way to win the case.
  • They will take care of all the legal activities.
  • They will help you make better business decisions that will not backfire in the future.

What are the rights and obligations of a party?

In a commercial dispute, both the parties involved will have certain rights to claim against the opposite party. Likewise, the two parties should meet the obligations they are supposed to meet out of the contract. If you are unaware of your rights, you will not have your advantage in the case. However, if you are unaware of your obligations, you may face some consequences.

What is the breach of the non-compete clause?

It is nothing but an activity of a party involved in a contract with one business to enter into something competitive to the same business at the same time. Therefore, the business which had a non-compete agreement with the person can sue both the person and the interfering company.

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