Benefits Of Mediation In Family Law


Even the prominent lawyer, Jeremy Schulman, understands that the hardest case to resolve is anything related to the family. It is not easy to handle because strong emotions are also involved when family members are in court, fighting against each other. 

Before anything escalates to court, mediation should be considered. Mediation is the first attempt to resolve a case before it escalates to a trial. Both of the parties will be represented by a lawyer, and they should bring all the documents they need to prove their case, the same documents they will bring during a formal trial. 

Instead of a judge, the case will be presided by a mediator. Most of the time, the two parties are placed in a separate room together with their lawyers. This gives the mediator a more efficient way to tackle issues of both parties separately. 

There are many reasons why it is recommended for families to consider mediation before bringing their issue to court. Sure, no one wants court hearings especially if it involves their families, but just in case it happens, mediation is a better option. 

Just to further explain, here are some of the benefits people can get from considering mediation before filing a court case in family law.

  • It is most of the time, less stressful

The setup of the court itself is stressful, while mediation is the exact opposite as this will only happen in a conference room or the mediator’s office. The atmosphere is very conducive, hence it encourages relaxing conversations and resolutions. 

Since the environment is relaxing, it would be very easy to come up with a resolution that can benefit all the family members involved. 

  • It is cheaper

The length of time the case is pending in court, the more expensive it gets; if you have a lot of money to spare, you can go ahead and file a case in court, but if you want to save up and get a better and more peaceful decision, might as well bring the case to mediation. 

And besides, why would you spend a lot of money if the issue can be resolved without spending a lot. 

  • You can keep the control within your family

When you bring this to court, the decision will be coming from the judge. It is the decision of the judge that will prevail, unlike when it is in mediation, the decision will come from the agreement between all parties.

Sure, you would not want to arrive at a decision that is beneficial only for you, or only for them, you are a family, hence as much as possible, you want everyone to be benefited from the decision. 

  • You can save time

Yes, you can save time, since, in court, it may take years before a decision will come out, unlike if it is in mediation, you can get a resolution after a few sessions. 

There are many benefits you can get if you consider mediation and not a trial in a court. You are fighting against your family hence best to make the process as easy as possible. 

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