4 Unique Benefits of Becoming a Lawyer


Choosing to become a lawyer will set you on a path filled with many hard challenges, hurdles and difficulties to get over. Studying the law takes a lot of time, effort and dedication as practicing it places you in a position with a lot of responsibilities and obligations you have to fulfil. This daunting aspect of becoming a lawyer is what discourages many people from pursuing the profession despite the many unique benefits that you can only obtain as a lawyer.

Answering the noble call to become a lawyer like Jeremy Schulman is not an easy task for the easily discouraged. The amount of time and effort you will need to dedicate to studying the law is something not everyone can put up with, however, braving these challenges and overcoming them entails you to reap the benefits that come with becoming an attorney.

Here are just some of the career benefits and advantages of becoming an attorney.

Variety of Career Paths and Industries

One of the problems that many people eventually have to face after university is that they are only limited to one type of industry. While this is not a bad thing for them, it can contribute to a somewhat stale career path and an easier time for burnout.

Lawyers don’t have this disadvantage whatsoever as they can use their expertise, skills and knowledge in many different industries. A lawyer has the distinct advantage of choosing an industry niche they are comfortable or familiar with. Additionally, they also can learn many new things about other industries as they can get first-hand knowledge from the people they will be working with.

Intellectually Stimulating

If you are someone who enjoys putting their mind to work and pitting your wits against someone, becoming a lawyer will allow you to fulfil things like this. Attorneys have the benefit of stimulating their minds as work through many different legal theories and cases to find a solution to a request.

Becoming a lawyer is mentally stimulating and tests your mental skills as you find creative ways to deal with cases. This can keep your daily jobs interesting preventing you from feeling dull and bored at any point.

Financially Rewarding and Stable

Because of the incredibly difficult path set for any lawyer, the number of lawyers who can practice the profession is few. Lawyers are always going to be in high demand from any business or individual along with the high pay that accompanies it.

Additionally, lawyers are one of the few professions in that you don’t have to worry too much about finding someone to hire you as you get the ability to make a business and work for yourself. This allows you a secure avenue for income making you financially stable after graduation.

Make an Impact and Difference through Law

One of the biggest advantages of becoming a lawyer is that you are given the opportunity and power to make a difference in things around you through the power of law. Becoming a lawyer allows you to address various social issues such as discrimination. Studying law equips you with the necessary skills and knowledge to make the right choices and decisions.

If you happen to be vocal about certain things around them and want to change it for the better, consider studying to become a lawyer to accomplish this. 

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